Saturday, September 5, 2015


I realized today that I don't "say" a whole lot here in my blog.  While explaining to friends how what I create, a lot of times, tells a personal story... I see I don't share the stories here.  I have a few times.   Not nearly often enough.  Sometimes I'll admit.. "it's just a kit."  Not saying that is a bad thing, but in promoting work as part of a creative team there are kits, no matter how much I adore them, they don't tell my story...  

I also noticed, I tend to post new releases here, but rarely the things I create "just because" so today you may see more than you wanted to.

I have several folks to thank for that.  My brothers and sisters and they know who they are.  Family not by blood but by common souls that have been brought together.  I actually shared this page with them today, which those who look at my stats know... I don't share often.  It's here if someone stumbles upon it, but I am still too timid to put myself out there to say, "Look what I created!"  The little mouse that I have tried to exorcise from my brain still comes out when it comes to self confidence.  Shaking and timid, it's little voice not brave enough to say, "this is what I do."

It has been a most beautiful September day.  I spent most of it on the catio creating with some older kits I purchased before I even knew what to do with them.  Well, I still don't know what to do with them, but I'll show you what I've done. 

Always surround yourself with folks who inspire you, who raise you up, who offer a hand when you are down and who make you a better person.  I have that.  ...and I am blessed.

Created with Xquizart's "Back in Black" artdoll and Mischief Circus "Out of this World" collab.

Created with Altered Emporium's Retired "Oz Punk"
Created with Xquizart's "Rusty", "Time Keepers" and "In My Room".
I thank my Brothers and Sisters for today's inspiration.  From quotes that motivate me, to just accepting me for who I am....   a middle aged crazy cat lady, who proudly served her county, who loves her country and believes we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. A small town girl who's been lucky enough to see the world who has found her way HOME.


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