Friday, December 2, 2016

SQUEAL.... I DID IT!!!!!

Totally out of my comfort zone and so very, very excited it worked!!!!!

I decided I would give making my own jewelry a whirl.   When Crowabout StudioB gave me her NAMASTE Mini Digital Pack to play with... I was giddy to get started.

Well, as all things Arline go... I ordered the wrong paper to create with. So I had to make due with going "old school" and sticking to digital scrapping.

Oh, how I loved playing with the pieces in the kit...and KNEW I had to bring this doll to life.

Today my paper arrived and I got to work, printing out all my pieces and shrinking them.

Bob said he should have taken a video of me... in my Hello Kitty pjs, sitting in front of the oven, with the oven light on... squealing as my paper shrunk.  He said it was like watching a kid with Shrinky Dinks.  (sssh.... don't tell him that's exactly what it was... it's our secret.)

I have to go to the craft store tomorrow to get chain to complete my necklace...  she needs to be able to hold her sign as well...

All I can say is... if you imagine it... create it. If you dream it... live it!



Monday, September 19, 2016


Just released!!!!  Mischief Circus's new CYOC "SCHOOLED" has just hit the store.  It's fabulous.  So many different styles.  I can't wait to mash some of them up together.  For now though, here are what I created and the designers I created them for.

Until next time,
Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

I DID IT!!!!!

Apparently you CAN teach on old dog (or cat) a new trick.

I have been so taken by folks mixed media work, artist trading blocks, dolls, jars filled with printed digital pieces.  I just had to give it a try.

A huge shout out to Hines, who had confidence in me and answered my repeated questions.  I probably didn't do it right.  It could peel and fall apart tomorrow before I finish embellishing it... but, for a first try on a .99 cent trinket box, I am quite proud of myself......

I can't resist sharing a half ass, cat assisted tutorial.....

I started by choosing a digital kit to work with.  I chose itKuPiLLi's CELESTE at Mischief Circus.
(I cannot say enough about my peeps at Mischief Circus who always encourage, inspire and assist me in trying new things.)

I created a top and sides for my box.

Next step?  Plugging in the printer that hadn't had any ink in a couple of years.
(As you can see....the excitement of all of this was just too much.)

I don't think I had the settings right.  The print wasn't as good quality as I remembered so I'll have to play with the settings. 

Noah attempted to find the right screen for me to change the settings but got sidetracked when more paper started spitting out.

From there I moved on to the bowels of the basement to paint.  THANKFULLY.  First foot I attempted to paint with an old tube of paint I found in my craft box jumped out of my hand and fell in the paint bowl.

I painted, I glued I mod podged....  now I wait for the next round.  Another layer of paint for the feet and some trinkets.

Maybe there's hope for me after all!!!!  

If you dream it... DO IT!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Miles Beyond the Moon never disappoints. Her amazing color schemes and adorable characters are always so enjoyable to work with.  My little friend Jillian wanted to be a mermaid for her birthday, so I was so excited to have this kit to work with and make her dreams come true.  It is an adorable kit.  It's both dramatic and fun. So many combinations you can come up with.

"THE MERMAID'S TALE" can be found here .

Happy Scrapping!


Just released from Xquizart. A LITTLE BIT EGYPT and EGYPTIAN PAPERS.
A colorful series full of gorgeous artdolls, ones you can create yourself and others already created for you.  Frames, elements, artifacts....  I just love all the bright colors and jewels.

Here are my submissions as part of Deb's Creative Team.

Until next time....
Happy Scrapping!
Arline (aka Nonni F)

Sunday, July 10, 2016


I was giddy when this showed up in my inbox!!!   CATS!!!!  What a fun kit.
The colors are awesome and the alphabet is fabulous. I think I'll be using this alphabet a lot.
The way it shines on black totally ROCKS!

The kit SPACE CAT and NEON Alphabet, new from Holliewood Studios are on sale for a short time...and it's not just the cats!  (while they are FAB) the special effects and splatters.... oh, they can be used anywhere!


Two great challenges going on at MISCHIEF CIRCUS this month.

The first is the SNARK Challenge.  Who doesn't have a bit of snark stored up, just screaming to come out?   It was tax week so I had plenty.  Decided not to get TOO snarky.. but, got it out of my system for sure, playing for this challenge.

Created with Tumble Fish Studio's "Illuminated Papers", "Pish Posh", "Dreams Peculiar" and "Dream Big".
The second challenge is an ELEMENT CHALLENGE .  My submission was created with the hour glass element which is provided for the challenge as well as Holliewood Studio's "Altered Reality 1" "Altered Reality 2" and "Altered Reality 3". Water drop from Xquizart's "In the Clouds"

Come join the fun!

Arline (aka... Nonni)