Sunday, July 10, 2016


Knock, knock!!!  Yes, it's me!  Are you shocked?  You should be and I should be ashamed.  I continue to work with amazing designers with amazing kits yet I don't take the time to come here and tell you about them.  SHAME ON ME.

New and exciting things going on at Mischief Circus.  Rotating "Cirky Crew" members are being given the opportunity to mix up all the designer kits that are contributed to the "Monthly Mischief".  A theme and color scheme so we can show you all how well different kits can work together.

The Cirky Crew knocked the first month OUT OF THE PARK.
Check out the kits and all of the submission by the crew in the gallery .

Here are my submissions, my CT work and my mash ups!  Love, love, love the color scheme.

We're having a challenge, using the Monthly Mischief "RELAX" kits for a traditional scrap page.
This was my submission.  My granddaughter out, enjoying Independence Day.

Another treat as part of the Cirky Crew we are given two older Mischief Circus kits to mash up.
When I saw the first set of kits I thought someone had lost their mind.... and then I started playing and I was hooked.  OMG!  I need more nudes!!!  This is fun!!

Hot Flash Friday

Pogo Stick Dancer
(don't judge me.  a girl's got to make a living)
Come over to MISCHIEF CIRCUS and play with us!!!
Happy Scrapping,
Arline (aka Nonni)

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