Thursday, December 18, 2014


Good Morning, World

I thought, while waiting for next week's "new release" from Xquiart at Mishief Circus I would play with some of my stash I have purchased from her over the last year.  Oh, there really is something for every occasion!!

I created this  for a friend who is in the hospital. More than a week and still no answers.

She was down to one broken wing. She was losing her optimism. Modern medicine had no answers so she went searching! Always look to the stars. For there, you will find the light.

Created with Xquizart's "Into the Darkness Alone" artdoll, Holliewood Studio's "Void" and Pink Lotty's "Witches Kitchen"……

Thankfully, while she still has no answers, she has returned home since I created this Saturday evening.

Last night I played with her Tartan Artdolls to create a couple pieces.  It started as a Christmas  project but then suddenly my Irish came out and it became about drinking....


 I really enjoyed creating this piece.  I have so much to learn about layers.  I think I added more into this creation than I have with any of my pages before.  It was good practice for sure... and she just might have to become my avatar next week.

Created with Xquizart's "Tartan" artdolls, Tumble Fish Studio's "Holiday Trim" and Eena Creation's "Magical Ice Kingdom"

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This one is simply:


IRISH GIRL © Nonni F 2014

"The best drinking buddy a guy could ask for."
Created with Xquizart's "Tartan" artdolls. Booze embellishments from Rucola Design's "Blarney Blast" and "Finding Shamrock"

I just adore her.  I had used all the other dolls in this kit before but not her.  I love her sass, and her hair.  Seemed perfect for a drinking buddy or a hostess for the local Irish Pub in my old neighborhood.

I was so tickled when I came across these dolls last year.  It was right after visiting Saugus Iron Works in Massachusetts where my descendant Peter Grant was brought as a Prisoner of War after the Battle of Dunbar.

Here is a small piece of an article I found about his journey here around 1650


Col. Charles Edward Banks wrote an article, "Scotch Prisoners Deported to New England by Cromwell, 1651-52" on the fate of the deported Scots which was published in "Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings," Volume 61 .

Carl Boyer III writing in "Ship Passenger Lists" produced additional information about prisoners. He wrote:

In November 1650 a number of these prisoners were apparently sent to Boston in the "Unity," arriving in New England early in 1651, no doubt. Sixty of these prisoners were sent to Lynn, to work in the iron industry, and the others dispersed. As the prisoners were sold as indentured servants at about 30 pounds each, the average passage at the time being about 5 pounds, Col. Banks has suggested that the owners of the "Unity" cleared a handsome profit of about 1,500 pounds on the trip.

John Gifford, iron works manager, wrote in 1653: 'For 62 Scotts dd and 35 only left on the works, 17 to Awbrey, 3 to commissioners; 2 sold and rest we desire to whom disposed of, which is 5 at 20 pounds.

Col. Banks listed the following as being probably prisoners who settled in Berwick, formerly a part of Kittery, Maine: Niven Agnew, James Barry, Alexander Cooper, William Furbush, Daniel Ferguson, Peter Grant, George Gray, William Alexander Gowen, David Hamilton, Thomas Holme, John Key, Alexander Maxwell, John Neal, John Ross, John Taylor, William Thomson and James Warren.

 I so enjoyed playing with these when they came out as a tribute to both my Irish and Scottish heritage.  I even got my granddaughter into the fun....

 Ní neart go cur le chéile (There's strength in unity)

Our family crest...

 and lastly, the port Peter Grant arrived in on as it is today at Saugus Iron Works.

I almost didn't post these as even though I have a lot to learn, I can see I've come a bit of a ways since creating these.  Goodness.  No shadowing whatsoever.  EEK~

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope this message finds you smiling and your day is a happy one.

Hugs from my corner,

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