Friday, January 23, 2015


Good Morning, fellow bloggers and visitors

Stepped outside of my comfort zone again!  Yay, me.  I find that I'm getting a bit more daring lately and my goofy dark side has definitely been coming out.

Holliewood Studios came out with this fabulous, fun, new kit this week, ALTERED REALITY and I just had to play with it.  I don't think I did the kit justice, but it got me thinking outside my usual "box" and I always have her volume one I must go back and play with this weekend when it's snowing and I have no desire to leave the house.

The first piece I did was "BELIEVE" using "Altered Reality" and her "Believe" kit.  Downloaded the kit when it was time to go to bed but HAD to stay up to create at least one page.

She probably could have used an entire head of feather embellishments, but I was so excited to get a page done before bed, this is what I ended up with.  May have to rework this a bit.

I also used Hollie's "All That Glitters" paper as an overlay for some extra sparkle.

The next morning when I got up (no, I didn't call in sick to work...I had the week off) I decided to take my Maine Coon, Theodore on a journey....



Created with Holliewood Studio's "Altered Reality v.2"
Starring Theodore as your submarine Captain.

Water was appropriate for him.  He is my water cat.  Always into something wet, including the tub if I'm in it.  Both he and Thea have no issue being wet and going for a swim.


This piece above is my favorite.  I have a fear (or should I be brave and say "respect") of water.  Not a big fan, so submerging myself, even in digital art takes my breath away a bit... My mother told me to remove the photo as my Facebook profile pic because it's creepy; my friend Jon said I was heading in the right direction but it wasn't creepy enough.

Must have been my mood that day, because I went for more creepy and every time I look at the next piece I just giggle, so I don't think I ended up with creepy.

I call this last one:  "BUGGING OUT"  ...and yes, I have been known to eat a bug or two, a live minnow or a spider on a dare...

That's about it for now... more to come.  A few more pieces I'm working on and a new kit next Monday from Xquizart.  YAY!

It's going to snow all weekend so plenty of time to be creative.  Thank you for stopping by...  the five of you that I see do!  hehehehe

Until next time!

Hugs from my corner,

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