Thursday, January 8, 2015


Tonight I participated in my first ATC Challenge.  It's a Scavenger Hunt.  Oh, how fun.  We were given a list of ten items and must use five of them on our piece.  I had high hopes of using all ten but it was harder than I thought.  May have to work on another one this weekend "just because".

I did manage to use all of the items listed except the "wings and hands".  I wonder if it counts that the bird has wings and the lady dressed in stripes has hands.  hhhhmmmmmm

So here you have it!   Loved the challenge.  Will have to join in more of this sort of fun. 


My First Ever Scavanger ATC.  Oh, what fun!!!!
Miss Stripes invites everyone to visit her house, where the birds are always singing, the stars are always shining, and the snow is bright.  She lives at #9 Heart Lane.  Just look for the sign or the fish over the door.
stripes:  Xquizart's "Halloween MC Stripes" Artdoll
house:  Holliewood Studio's "Uncle Henry"
bird:  Holliewood Studio's "Day of the Dead"
heart:  Hidden Vintage Studio's "Misfit Dollhouse Add-ons"
number:  Holliewood Studio's "Bird Boxes"
fish:  Tumble Fish Studio's "Ode to Shopping"
stars:  Tumble Fish Studio's "Wanderlust"
snow:  Tumble Fish Studio's "Little Houses" and "Winter Junque"
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