Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Sunday Salutations!!!

It's birthday week this week at Mischief Circus .  Marsha's new kit is something new for her and most certainly something I haven't tried before.  Art Journaling!  I mean seriously, do we really want to know what goes on inside me head?  Could be scary.

Marsha was kind enough to explain to me there are no rules to journaling.   That it doesn't necessarily need to be diary in format.  Sometimes just a single word or the pieces you choose express our day or our feelings.  Not sure I really expressed myself in journal form, but I did have fun learning a new technique of cut and paste that I really hadn't sunk my teeth into.  I do see where it can be a fun way to express yourself without all the concern of shadows and small details.  Here's hoping it's something I keep up with and continue to play with.

Tumble Fish Studio's released three new kits....Full Page Melange 1, 2 and 3.  Sheets you can cut and paste with as well as some additional treats like an alpha sheet, borders and awesome template you can fill with your favorite sheet pieces.

Here were my offerings....They were created with the Melange Full Pages, and other TFS kits.  "Dreams Yonder" "Flower Land Gnomes" Melies-ish" and Crowabout StudioB's "The Star Keeper"

....and look what happens with a slight play of the hand...

"I'D PICK YOU TWICE"  (giggles)

This post is late and short and for that I apologize.  A crazy busy week so far with a special election and while I haven't been able to participate much because of that you should rush over to Mischief Circus and join the Birthday Bash!!!!

Grant Out.

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