Sunday, October 11, 2015


What?  Me, behind?  This should not surprise you.   I have no idea where last week went.  Sunday night again and time for new releases and I realize I didn't post last week's.   No, "punctual" in blogging is not one of my strong suits, which is funny considering I am early everywhere I go, the clock is set ten minutes fast so I'm never late for anything and Christmas shopping is always done by November.  I am apparently a rebel blogger though.

Last week Marta Van Eck released "Wizard of Oz".  It was perfect timing; coinciding with a visit to West Point for me the week before.  I had no idea that the small village of Highland Falls where West Point is located is the thought to be the setting for the novel.

Across the river from our hotel room was a view of the house thought to be the inspiration for the castle.

I was able to incorporate the castle into my first piece I created for Marta.


 I learned all sorts of trivia while visiting my old Army friend.  I learned that Navy calls the West Point Cadets "WOOPS". The sound that the flying monkeys make.  Well, how excited was I to see this fabulous flying monkey... in time for the Army vs Navy game!!!!

Last but not least, I just had to play with the odds and ends.  They are fabulous all on their own and so very magical.

Until next time... remember... GO ARMY BEAT NAVY


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