Monday, September 28, 2015

What's in YOUR closet?

... or better yet... what's NOT in your digital scrapping stash?  If Xquizart's "MY CLOSET" and "MY CLOSET TWO" aren't, you're missing out!  How many times have I said I want to be one of Deb's dolls?   These outfits are what I want in my closet!  That and those dolls skinny waist lines, but we both know THAT isn't happening.  (could you pass the chips and salsa, please?)  Not to mention the colors in general.  If I didn't think Bob would go into cardiac arrest the whole house would be Boho.

Since I was away on vacation I'm finally playing catch up so both kits are being presented together.  Not a bad thing since they mix so well together.  Only drawback is that the first set is no longer on sale, but judging by the seven people who look at my blog each month, I'm pretty sure no one is waiting on me for speedy information. 

Here are my creations using Deb's absolutely adorable new kits.

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