Sunday, January 10, 2016


Created with Xquizart's "Red Riding Hood"  Steampunk, papers and collectibles.
Not sure how I didn't post this, but then again... no surprise.  You all know how I suck at blogging.  Good intentions then... SQUIRREL!  Had the photos ready to go then never posted anything and oh, my!  How many kits since this one.  Good thing I have this week off and the weather is going to be semi horrible.  I need to play catch up!

Okay... back to work.  See you soon!  I promise.

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  1. OOO Arline, these are soooo great! Come enter at Dream in Darkness we are now focusing on the unusual, oddities, and weird art along with dark and these would fit so well! Can't wait to come back as CT and leave another comment on these! SO much to see and take in...really awesome! Nan xx