Friday, December 12, 2014


Two days on a CT and I am still pinching myself!!!   Can't believe I'm there.  Very excited.  Worried I don't match up to the awesome work I see, but keep reminding myself we are all our own worst enemies, are we not?

Got my first new release to work on.  Feels like Santa in the toy shop.... playing with things no one else has seen yet.  Excited to put them out there!  I've completed four so far with the kit, and decided to do some "other" play this evening.

I went back to one of the previous kits from Xquizart that I hadn't played with before.  "Annie Mae".
CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!  I love the vibrant colors and the whimsy play of it all.  I think I'll be making quite a few with these and with my granddaughter Brielle's love of birds... I have a few ideas that just might make it to her walls.

Without boring you with chatter (and I hear wine calling me)  I leave you with these two pages I created tonight.   The first one being a reminder to "love yourself".  This week has shown me not just that, but to trust myself and believe in myself as well.  

The second "Balance"... well, if I keep playing with these kits I'm going to need a lesson on how to balance everything else I'm NOT doing.  hehehehe

Hugs from my corner,

Created with Xquizart's adorable kit "Annie Mae"  Oh, the whimsy! Loving this!!! 
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Update:  One more before bed!  Oh, what fun!!!!

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