Sunday, December 14, 2014



Let's see... two weeks before Christmas, housework to be done...  laundry basket full....

What did you do today?  I did NONE of the above!  I scrapped! :)

Still fiddling around with Xquizart's "Annie Mae" artdolls.  I have to be honest here, and I hope it doesn't come across the wrong way.  When I first saw these dolls in particular I thought they really weren't "me"... but goodness... the more I play the more I want to play with them.  They are so very addictive.  Just goes to show that you should always try new things, no matter what they are... even scraps.  As with a lot of things, I learned something new about myself and what I can work with.

Today I did a couple journal pages.  Not something I usually do, but these dolls are just fabulous for journal pages.  In my head there's a whole bunch of journaling thoughts for these beauties.

These are very simple.  Hoping to get some practice in on more detailed and complicated pieces.  Time to push myself to the next level... read some tutorials.  PRACTICE.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  I hope you're having a fabulous day.

Hugs from my corner,

Journal pages created with Xquizart's "Annie Mae artdolls and papers.………
Addicted to these adorable little girls!!! What fun they are. Every time I get ready to head on to something else... I'm back to them. Thinking they would have made the very best of friends that I always dreamed of meeting in my fantasy dreams as a child.

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