Friday, January 30, 2015


Greetings, Everyone!

Hello from BLIZZARD country!!!!  It's been a fun week.    Over thirty inches of snow later, I have to say "I thought it would look like more!"   I'm sure if I drove into the city it would, since they really have no place to put it... for us... the wind blew it around and some spots had next to nothing, and other parts (like my garden fence) are completely buried on one side.

I'm a little bit behind on blog posting.  I should have had this done on Tuesday but I was either shoveling, or just taking photos of Bob out in the bitter cold keeping ahead of the storm.

It was a great day for bird watching.  I filled all the feeders the night before and it's a good thing I did.  It was a feeding frenzy.

Tuesday gave way to a most beautiful Wedensday here in southern New Hampshire.  I am lucky enough to work in the center of town with a view of the town green and the old 1600s meeting house out my office window.

You can't beat the view!!!

The photo below is where I work.  I used a Topaz effect called "Ghostly" on this.  It was a gorgeous day, but I wanted to play a little.  It was a bonus that the Town Hall came out pink!!!!  

Wednesday was NOT a disappointment.  Even as it ended.  While leaving work I stopped to catch the sun going down.  Life in a small New England town.  I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

It's Friday now, and snowing again.   Hoping for a lot of photo opportunities this weekend.  But, until then, I'd better get back to why I'm really here....

Xquizart released her newest kit on Monday.  "SARA" Artdolls and Papers .   LOVING HER!  I find her compatible with EVERYTHING and I think she's going to move in and share a room with some of the Shades of Grey Collectibles as I think these girls could be related.  ;)

Here's Sara showing off some of her paper swatches on the runway.

Background is from Holliewood Studio's "Void" v.2 kit.

This diary page above also used a frame from her "Mulberry Collectibles", and dark paper from her "Marionette Dark"kit.

My next piece used paper from Holliewood Studio's new "Altered Reality" and fog from her "Theatre of Dreams" kit.

I used a quote from one of my favorite Robert Frost poems.  His farm is the next town over from where I live and I remember singing this song in high school chorus.  Taking the road less traveled certainly DOES make all the difference.

The piece above was created with help from Eenas Creations "Longing for Past Days" kit.  I think going out on a limb and going all sepia worked for this piece.

My next piece was created with a bunch of Xquizart's "Shades of Grey" embellishments.  See, I told you she'd be moving in!  ;)   The back ground out the window is from Eena's Creations "Longing for Past Days".

I leave you today thinking "size matters".   Had to play a little and show off all the lace.  ... or maybe the shoes... as it's always about the shoes.

Hope this message finds you smiling.



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