Tuesday, February 3, 2015


This seems to be becoming a winter trend.  A new kit is released and fifteen more inches of snow.  Another storm coming on Thursday and another big one possible for Monday.  Thankful for scrapping to keeping my cabin fever at bay!

Yesterday Xquizart released her newest kit, thankfully, with a springtime feel to it.  Introducing "TULIP".  The kits can be purchased at Mischief Circus.  As a newly released kit they are on sale for a short time.

This kit held a lot of personal meaning for me as far as tulips go.  There was a woman, years ago, who was ill and she loved tulips.  To surprise her, her husband that fall dug up the back yard and planted tulip bulbs everywhere.    She passed away before the spring thaw, and even years later, after new sod was laid out in the yard and the grass was green, tulips would sprout up in the oddest places.

As children we believed it was the work of angels. Margaret had come to visit the meadow.  We had never met her, she was gone before our arrival.  Margaret was our grandmother.

You can obviously see what I was humming the entire time I was creating these pieces.  My guess is you'll be humming it too by the time you're done reading this post.  It's my magical lore to drag you in and purchase the kit.  Is it working?

This "Grassy Knoll" piece was renamed "Queen of the Hill".  Grassy Knolls everywhere in the world, but for some reason once I typed it out, there was only one grassy knoll that came to mind.    (Yes, I'm pretty sure I do need to "see" someone... and if this blog is my therapy... I guess that person is you.  lol)

Often times I use other kits to complete my pieces, but have to say there was so much in the "Tulip" series to play with, it was several pages before I went elsewhere to continue with the ideas in my head.

Heck, this girl can make her own apartment... and I'm ready to move in!

Created with Xquizart's "TULIP" Artdoll Collectible and papers.  Drapes from Holliewood's "Theater of Dreams"  Window from Rucola Design's "Clockwork Autumn"

She is also a fabulous interior designer who likes to decorate with....  yes, you guessed it... TULIPS

The rectangular frame is from Xquizart's "Snowflake" kit.  The floor is from Tumble Fish Studio.

I leave you today with my warped mind and some VINO

                                                   SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD FLY

Created with Xquizart's new "Tulip" Artdoll Collectibles and Holliewood's "Void" and "enProvence"

Until we meet again......   CHEERS!


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