Sunday, January 4, 2015


Happy New Year!!  Welcome to 2015.  While awaiting the release of Xquizart's newest kit (coming out tomorrow...YAY)  I have been playing with some of her older kits and a couple others as well.  Nothing better than a cold winter day and a bit of imagination.

This first piece was created with Holliewood's new "All That Glitters", TFS's "City Skies", Xquizart's artdolls.... "Halloween MC Performers" "Halloween MC Stripes", "Whimsy's Collectibles", "Fruit Punch" and "Peaches and Cream" Alphabets from my Holliewood and Pink Lotty. Signs from TFS and Holliewood. Fireworks from free online clip art.

I then jumped over to a few itKuPiLLi kits I have.   Really thought outside of my usual "box" on that one.  Not sure if it was the holiday cheer or the start of a new year giving me inspiration but I was quite proud of how it all ended up.


Created with itKuPiLLi's "Winter Tales" from

I must have been in a "blue" mood because it appears it's all I worked with that evening.


She was thankful for her inability to speak, for if she did, everyone would know the craziness that went on in her head. Created with itKuPiLLi kits.

Winter Tales...
Welcome Winter
Sky is the Limit
Spiritis Mortis
Time Traveler
In The Hood
Oldies Ordinary
Lets Make a Scene
For Women Only
Enchanted Trail... and I'm not sure what else I may have missed.
From there I headed back to some of my favorite Xquizart Dolls for a couple more pieces...
Created with Xquizart's newest "Magnolia" kit.  Background from Holliewood Studio's "All That Glitters" and skyline from Krysty Scraps "Urban Fanatic"
Water Girl
 Created with Holliewood Design's background "All That Glitters", Xquizart's "Under The Waterfall" and Eena's Creation's "Beyond the Seashore".  Greenery from Pink Lotty.
Created with Xquizart's "Be Still My Heart" artdoll,   Tumble Fish Studio's "City Skies".  Background from Holliewood's Midnight Reverie.
She dreams of a night on the town with the man of her dreams.  Maybe one day he'll come knocking.  Created with Xquizart's "Shades of Grey"
"Shades of Grey" have to to say is my all time favorite kit.  So much in this kit and every time I open it  I find something new I missed the last time I was there.  All sorts of fun options with this one for sure.
I rounded out New Years coming back to Xquizart's "Snowflake" kit that was recently released. 

Her name was Snowflake. She lived in the forest and never wore shoes. But, once... just once, she wanted to leave the beautiful forest for the city streets, in December, during the snowfall. . . to see a show on Broadway. To dress like a fairy princess, to dance in the streets.... to come out from hiding.
 Created with Xquizart's "SNOWFLAKE" kit. Buildings from Tumble Fish Studio's "City Skies" and embellishments from TFS's "Dreams Odd Show"
In closing I'll say it all depends how you look at it.  What have I accomplished as 2015 begins?  A few pages.  That is it.  But, to me that's a lot with this new passion I am enjoying.  Laundry is piling up, I need to vacuum.  I'm even trying to remember if I fed the cats today.  Oh yes, I am obsessed with scrapping.
Hugs from my corner,

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