Friday, March 20, 2015


Stepping out of my comfort zone and taking chances is the new ME.  This week I saw a CT (creative team) call for Marta Van Eck and I applied.  Guess what....  I'M IN!!!!!

She is a fabulously talented digital artist out of Germany and I am so excited to be working with her stuff.  Sometimes quirky, sometimes insane.... always fabulous pieces. 

In honor of this big news last night I did my own collaboration with the work of these two great artists I am now associated with.


Created with Xquizart's "Woodlands" and Marta Van Eck's "Mycology Vol. 2" So very, very excited to be working for these two fabulous ladies. Thankful to have found Mischief Circus and such fabulous friends here. It's not just about the pages... it's about the people!!!! xoxoxox

I am truly blessed to have found this group.  They inspire me, encourage me and believe in me.
Go forth, my friends.  Take a leap.  Try something you never thought was possible.  You just might surprise yourself!!!!!

Grant Out!

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