Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Just Released!!!!!

A new and absolutely stunning kit from Xquizart.  You can get the collectibles and the papers HERE .

I just wanted to tell a story with each of them, although they speak volumes on their own.  Here is some of what I created.

No matter how long she stared at the clock, she could not turn back time.

We've all tried, haven't we?   Sometimes it's hard not to.  In the end though, it is not possible and it is best to just be present.  Is it not?  Really, what would we change?  Who's to say it would be for the better?  What if it created something worse?  Maybe we go through the bad things so we can appreciate the good.  Difficult times do not define us, but they help make us who we are.

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a veterinarian.  My poor mother, who doesn't like animals what so ever... she had to deal with the birds in the shoe boxes after they hit the window, the overwhelming influx from breeding guppies, the dogs, the hamsters that always escaped.....

When I got older I worked in a vet clinic.  I was told by the owner of the practice one day "There is NO crying in veterinary medicine!!!"  (his wife later told me it was because every time I cried, he was afraid he would so he tried to nip it in the bud)

He told me to grow up and run a rescue, work at a shelter, but that I was too soft when it came to the end of life.  I don't think that's a bad thing.  We all need compassion.  Of course we get older and learn that sometimes the greatest gift we can give is an end to suffering.

I never did go to vet school.  I joined the military.  ...and along the way picked up all sorts of critters from all sorts of backgrounds.  One, right off the street, eating out of a dumpster on New Years Eve.  I still have a soft spot of the misfits.  The shy ones no one wants.  The broken and the battered.   (kind of like me)

Which brings me to my next page:


This was me, though the room wasn't so pretty.  It wasn't even a room.  It was a closet.  For two years I tried to leave.  Actually left a couple times before that in prior years, but always returned.  Call it lack of self-esteem, self-worth, FEAR......

He knew I was going to go eventually.  Never said a word about the items I collected, slowly, quietly over the years.  A photo to hang on the wall he would never let me hang, sheets for my bed, a collection of knicknacks from Japan, dishes and pots and pans for wherever I ended up.

I just needed to find the courage.

I arrived HOME in January of 1996.  Sometimes it feels like yesterday.  Other times, I am able to see how very far I have come.

I found my sanctuary back home, in New England.  A tiny little apartment to which I arrived with no furniture.  I had a rocking chair and a 12 inch screen television.  The cats took over the chair.  I sat on the floor.  You know what?  It was perfect.  I was happy.  It was HOME.

My safe place was quickly filled with friends, and pets and odds and ends, but most importantly... SAFETY and LOVE.

FOR MARSHA at Tumble Fish Studios

This last piece has a few meanings.  ALWAYS BELIEVE in yourself!!!  But, a thank you as well to all those who have traveled and continue to travel with me in my journey.  My new friends at Mischief Circus, and especially Debbie from Xquizart for believing in ME, even when I didn't believe in myself.

Okay...Therapy Session over!  See you next week!

Go forth, my friends.  GO FORTH and LIVE!

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