Wednesday, March 25, 2015



If there is one thing I can say I have "learned" from scrapping it is to believe in ME.
Or at the least, believe in others, when they believe in me.  lol

A huge shout out to my dear, sweet, funny and very talented friend, Beth Todd.  She pushes me to take chances. Nudges me along.  ...and WOW she gets me going...and it's turning out to be a most fabulous journey.

When Deb announced her CT call for Xquizart,  Beth let me know the moment it came up.  I was terrified, but did as I was told (you know when they say "if your friend jumped off a bridge would you?"  Well, if it were Beth, I would; and I mean that in a good way)

I put together the most pathetic email and sent it off only to be shocked with a YES... welcome to my team!

So, then I got brave.   Sent an email to Marta last week...and Yes... welcome to my team!

I'm feeling pretty cocky at this point.  Somehow all of it is making up for sweet sixteen and never being kissed,  not being liked by the cheerleaders in school, being the wallflower at the dance.

I think it's called confidence but I am so unfamiliar with the feeling it is like an alien has taken over...
Then I get a message from Beth.  "Send Hollie a message."  "Are you out of your mind?" I say.  "Do it!"  So, I do!  (another bridge... another leap)

....Guess what?

I'm on Hollie Haradon's Creative Team!!!!  Thank you, Hollie!!  Thank you, Beth!! Thank you, Deb and Marta!  It's taken me till almost fifty to find something I am "apparently" good at.   I am loving every minute of working with each of you.

Hollie said she was planning to ask me to join her team this week, before I ever sent her a message saying "If you're ever looking for anyone."  The planets were aligned apparently, thanks to a push from Beth.  I am beside myself, giddy...and cannot believe it's real.

I'm sure I will continue to doubt myself.  I am my own worst critic.  I will do my very best though...and I WILL SUCCEED.
So, Go Forth, my friends!!!

Go forth and conquer.  Leave the sunny skies and comfort zone behind you.  Take a leap.  Take a chance.  Walk into the abyss and never look back.  Life is a gamble. never know until you TRY! 

created with Holliewood Studios "VAGABOND ADVENTURE" at Mischief Circus.

My debut.... (okay.... red carpet, opening curtain call.... only in my dreams... but, it's my dream!  You will not burst my bubble.


The kit has already been released... I still can't help playing with it!!!  Come play with me, won't you????

Teach a child to read and he can go anywhere!

And lastly....  

STAY ALERT!!!    (don't miss the casting call....  you just never know)

Until next time,
Hugs from my corner!


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