Thursday, April 2, 2015


Good Morning, Bloggers

In between CT assignments, so I went to my stash and started playing with older kits.  Same thing I've always done for the most part but with new confidence and adventure!!!

It was a Holliewood Studios kind of weekend.   I started with her "Broken" .  One of Hollie's older kits but brand new to me.  LOVE IT!!!!

This first piece is very simple.  I may still add to it, but for now... it says what it needs to.


Model from Dazzle's Stock at Deviant Art.

Broken has been on my mind a lot lately.  Raising awareness for troops returning home in need of assistance.  Over the years I lost count of Soldiers I've known personally who have taken their own lives.  It is by alarming numbers that we are losing them and it needs to stop.
In this next piece I tried to find the balance of being broken... to add brightness and color in hope that the darkness does not take over.  Does not win.

Sometimes we desperately need to know that no matter what; we have worth, we are needed, we cannot be thrown away... we have purpose.  ALWAYS.
The above page was created using Holliewood Studios' "BROKEN" and "JUNKYARD"
The model in this kit is from Salvaje at Deviant Art.
Next... I moved on to Hollie's "MIDNIGHT REVERIE" and added a touch of "Christmas Effects".
I was very excited by this one.  The only thing I was disappointed in is the people I put in the cages.  You have to blow this thing up to at least an 8x10 to make them out, which doesn't work well on Facebook or anywhere that pages can't be bigger than 500x500

 "Make it STOP!" Enough snow!!!
Here's hoping that after a record snowfall New England Winter, Mother Nature can find it in her heart to turn loose the colors of spring.  Wishing for tulips, daffodils and the sounds of birds singing.
Midnight Reverie had me in the mood for more black and white so off I went to my next kit appropriately named "In Black & White".   Lots of goodies in this kit.  Love, love, love the blue martini!
I am not a mushy girl.  Never have been, but I think that side of me sneaked out a tiny bit when creating this.  19 years ago I went on a blind date with Bob..  So, I guess this is my anniversary post.  I created it while he was sound asleep on the sofa, obviously oblivious to what day it was! lol

Created with Holliewood Studio's "In Black &White"
Oh, how I adore that martini glass!

Last but not least....   a page from Hollie's "Art Journaling 4" and "Art Journaling 3".  Recheck on an annoying breast lump.  (I warned you a few posts ago... this page is my therapy! lol)  So, I guess health was on my mind and I am most thankful I live in a world which such advances in medicine that we are able to keep ahead of things like this.

Save the TA*TAS, Ladies.  Save the TA*TAS!!!!

Until next time.... hugs from my corner,



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