Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Two outstanding kits just released from Tumble Fish Studio" .  Just when I think it's not possible to shock me anymore, Marsha goes and outdoes herself again!!!!

Today she released both "Journal Words 2" and "Melange Mash Up".  You can mix and match and go wild.  Chock full of all kinds of goodness. Over 950 journal words.  WOW!!!!

Here are my creations.  The Journal Words samples each used the journal words but other TFS kits to complete.   I used Nitty Gritty, Holiday Twinkle, and Ode to Shopping.

I really had fun with these two pieces.  They actually feel like advertizement for the kit.  "Choose your words" and "go fish" if you can't find what you need.  With over 950 words... I'm thinking you'll be able to make it work.  (grins)

MELANGE MASH UP was a bit more challenging for me.  I'm still figuring out this whole mash up thing.  I think it's suppose to be chaos maybe...  pieces and parts.  If you looked at the clutter in my house you would say I should have no problem with this concept, but I keep looking to actually MAKE something organized and feel the need for order.  Hhhhmmmm... mashing should include wine... I'm going to try that out next time.  Until then, this is what I've got......


It's most difficult to work with Tumble Fish pieces and not smell something fishy!  hehehehe
I just love how there are always fish included... as there should be.  :)

Okay, this one... maybe.. I did have a bit to drink.  It's the only time I seem to walk around with lampshades on my head.  (that I can recall.   That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

 It's YOUR LIFE!  Make it YOURS!!!!

...and lastly... 


Looking forward to playing with these kits more.  Both of them are amazing!!!!

Hugs from my corner,

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