Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Oh what a busy week it was.  All of my CT work showed up at once.  EEEK!!!!  Got it done though and what amazing and fun kits they all were.  "Mirrored" from Holliewood Studio's,  "Sirens of the Deep" collab from Crowabout StudioB and Tumble Fish Studios, a "Women Bundle Mega Kit" from Marta Van Eck and two adorable art doll kits from Xquizart, "Hey Doll-Deconstructed" and "Red".

Yup!  That just about covers it! ;)

So, here goes... in no specific order.  I'll start with Xquizart's "Hey Doll - Deconstructed"
With Memorial Day, it seemed fitting to do something with Poppies.

The dolls are adorable, sweet and even have a little sass to them.  You can interchange everything....  heads, legs, arms, clothing.   Oh, what fun!

I used Xquizart's 4th of July Papers for this background and the field of flowers is from Mr. Whisker's contribution to the Blooming Freebie.  Polly in her hand is from Tumble Fish Studio.

This sassy girl above was created with Xquizart's "On Fire" Papers and Tumble Fish Studio's "Journal Words Two".

One week later and OMG.... finishing this post.  No one wants the details.  There is really not much to say.  Can't get out of my own way, sick cat.... blah, blah, blah... finishing this up and promising to be better!!!!

Along with "Hey Doll - Deconstructed" Xquizart released "RED"  What a sassy little thing she is!  i adore her.  The outfits and hats are adorable as are the expressions.  Reminds me so very much of my granddaughter (who yes, has that beautiful auburn hair that ladies pay very good money for)

"Blooming", above, was created with her RED artdoll as well as the Blooming collab freebie that came out during last month's birthday sale.  The Hummingbird is from her Melancholy kit and the background photo is from ME.   One of the beautiful lilacs that scent my yard in spring!

Above is another RED doll with pieces and parts from the Blooming Freebie!

Created with her "Vintage Time" kit.

 Hollie came out with a fabulous kit MIRRORED after the movie "Mirrored Mask".  Oh, what a delightful kit.  You can be so creative and it was fun to see what everyone created.  You really must check out the Mischief Circus Gallery to see everyone's amazing work.

Here were my submissions:

 Marta Van Eck put together a "Woman's Bundle" of a whole collection of her past ladies.  I was able to create a couple pieces (in my spare time...  lol) with these dolls.

Tumble Fish Studio and Crowabout Studio B got together on an awesome collab.  "Sirens of the Deep"  Both kits are amazing and you can create like crazy with either of them, but throw them together and OMG!  The possibilites are endless!!!!! 

Tumble Fish Studio's kit is here.  Crow's here.

...more time has passed since I started this post, but I think it is complete.  Not my best post, but Miss Tessi, my Baby Girl just came out of surgery.  I am breathing again... and back to being creative.

Off in search of my MOJO!

hugs from my corner,

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