Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Deb just released two new artdoll collections.   "CARNIE" and "CARNIE TWO"

I remember being a young girl and thinking how cool it would be to join the circus!  What was a thinking?  On the road all the time.  Mucking stalls?  Running the ferris wheel in the hot sun.

Let's be honest.  The only roll I could play as a carnie now would be the bearded lady!  lol

Thank goodness for Xquizart's Carnies!  I can be in the circus and NOT be the bearded lady!!!
Scrapping is my dream world!!!!

 Created with CARNIE artdoll, Paper from Holliewood Studio's "Halloween MC" and words from Tumble Fish Studio's "Journal Words Two"

 Created with Carnie and Holliewood Studio's "Midnight Reverie"

 Created with CARNIE and CARNIE TWO.  Paper from her Halloween MC piece.

Created with Xquizart's new "CARNIE".  Paper from her contribution to Halloween MC

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