Monday, October 12, 2015


Oh, Marsha!  Marsha!  Marsha!

Another brilliant kit.... an overload of creativity, fabulous pieces, wonderful colors.  I CANNOT GET ENOUGH!

Every kit of hers is jam packed with wonderful elements.  There just isn't enough time in the day to use everything.   Her work is amazing.  I pinch myself every day that I am part of her CT and get to work with her amazing kits.

This Little Moment turned into my little moment, my happy place, my therapy, my bliss.

You can get her latest kit HERE.  On sale for a short time.  HURRY.

It goes without saying.  BE UNIQUE. March to your own music.  Dance to your own drummer.  Sing your own tune.  This life is YOURS.  Make it just that!
This piece is a shout out to my friend Carrie.  I spent most of my online time between two locations.   Mischief Circus and Brothers and Sisters of the 22, a Veterans Suicide Awareness group that I admin with some fabulous folks.   Carrie's husband committed suicide.  He is one of the 22 a day that take their own lives.  He passed in October and in her words, she dreads the coming of the season, for obvious reasons and my heart breaks for her.  I started with a feeling blue piece but when I came across this quote I thought of Carrie.  I certainly hope, though the pain and remembering of this dreaded month, she is able to feel his kisses and find her peace.

It's your fifteen minutes of fame, your soapbox.  Make it count.  Make your statement.  Shout it from the rooftops.

and lastly.......

(My Happy Place)
I grew up on a lake.  I remember when my father bought the house.  I thought I would never sleep.  The sound of the water splashing on the rocks at the edge of the shore. It seemed so very loud.  How on Earth do people sleep here?  I shut the window.  I put a pillow over my head.   It was insanity... or so I thought....
Several years later I joined the Air Force.  Suddenly those waves, that I not only got use to but grew to love seemed so far away.  Instead of water splashing outside my window it was the sound of fighter jets, touch and go....all night long, out my barrack window.  The constant roaring of engines.   I thought again... How on Earth do people sleep here?
Years have gone by, I long for the lake and I long for that flight line.   I can sleep in a cabin by the lake, a tent by the ocean, or yes... along a flight line and snore through take offs.   My happy places.
Where memories were made and where home calls to you.
Find your happy place. BE your happy place.

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