Sunday, January 10, 2016


Oh, I was so clueless.   These gorgeous new doodads to play with and I had no idea what to do with them. Don't get me wrong....  fabulous kits just released from Xquizart, DIY DOODLE ART, DIY DOODLE ART BORDERS,  DIY DOODLE ART TREES and DIY DOODLE ART HOUSES.  I was just having trouble working with them.   (on a side note... can't wait to make coloring pages with my granddaughters)

I tried a few things (above) and then my friend Beth turned me on to Zentangle and the amazing work from some unbelievable artists and instantly... I WAS HOOKED.  I've had a busy week since learning more about it and haven't had another chance to play, but I can't wait to.

Oh, the delight when I realized what could be done when I looked outside the box. Beth's words, "The tree can be hair"  "The houses, bodies"   NOW I GET IT!  THANK YOU, BETH!

My first dabble into Zentangle as they call it these days (doodling when I was a kid) and I am shocked and humbled that I was recognized for this piece.  Imagine my surprise to be called out by Mrs Peel in "GALLERY STANDOUTS"  WOW!   I'm still pinching myself.  Still surprised to find myself here at all, and so very thankful to have found such an outstanding group of artists who have become friends who offer their knowledge, their criticism and love to help me grow!

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