Thursday, February 19, 2015


Goodness, have I gotten behind.  Seems like very time I get a new kit to work on I get a new snowstorm to shovel!  We are definitely in the polar vortex this winter.  I stopped counting after seven feet of snow, and it snowed last night and is snowing right now... like crazy.. and I don't even think THIS round was in the forecast.

Anyway... that's not why you're here is it???

It's catch up time!  Kits released on February 9th and 16th by Xquizart.

"Midnight Blue" Collectibles and Papers and "Old Gold" Collectibles and Papers.

Very different from each other and so much fun to play with.

This one above was created with Xquizart's Midnight Blue papers and collectible as well as a frame, seashells and sparkles from Pink Lotty's "Blue Sea"

I don't always succeed, but I enjoy trying to use a kit WITHOUT using the dolls for at least one page.  Again, I don't always accomplish the task, but this one was easy!

Lately I've been all about the head decor.  (a page for another day with some other kits) but here is what I accomplished with Midnight Blue.  First with it's original colors then I went a little off course with NOTHING but BLUE.

No stories with this set.  Not sure why.  I usually have a story for everything, whether you want to hear it or not.. lol

Lastly.... Don't Cage Your Dreams 
(At least that one got a title)


Background from this last one is from Holliewood's "All that Glitters" papers.  My all time favorite paper kit. Goes with everything.  :)

On to the next storm.....   Another blizzard, another foot of snow.. and OLD GOLD!!!!!

While this first one didn't actually have a story... it had a name, which changed the longer I looked at it.  I started out calling it "Mantle".  Yeah, pretty lame, I know.  The longer I looked at it though it came to me...

I present TROPHY WIFE (giggles)

Just stick her up there with the hockey trophy, why don't ya?

This next piece is "THE CAT TAMER"

 Created with Xquizart's "OLD GOLD" Background from her "Reckless Goth ATC" Tiger from Holliewood Studio's "LaVie Boheme" and black cat from "Hotel Hell"

 Golden Relections (above) was created with Old Gold Collectibles and Holliewood's "All That Glitters" paper for a background.

Last but not least "The Entry"....

This one was very last minute, but for some reason ended up being my favorite piece from this kit.
I'm sure I'll come back to it and play again.  Love the vintage dolls, the soft colors and all the beautiful clothing.

Thank you for stopping by!

Hugs from my corner,
Arline (aka Nonni)

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